Media Story Telling in Poland

27 participants from 9 different countries- Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Romania, Turkey, Italy, Spain and Portugal – participated in Erasmus+ training – Media Storytelling for youth workers . In just 6 days they learned how to create successful stories as samples of future work with youths. Stories were based on personal events which helped to make them real and believable. We used various techniques- from theatrical, psychological and multimedia fields of knowledge, to help master the stories. We worked on the ideas, and content as well as technical aspects.

We created unique opportunities, like a bonefire in the snow, a full moon pagan ceremony, a grill in the highlanders hut, a flash mob in the art school and on the streets of Zakopane, as well as others, to explore ideas for storytelling techniques.
All our workshops/activities were designed not only to teach new techniques and explore new ideas, but mainly to show how we can create an entrepreneurial spirit among the youth.
As in the song, we encourage young people to be independent, think outside the box, and look for their own ways of expressing themselves – artistically and professionaly.
All activities help to create self-confidence and creative thinking, with a specific focus on environmental issues. That was the topic for our flash mob, and the interview we did with the local press-the danger of low emissions related to bad recycling policies and a lack of concern for others- localy and globally.

Our cultural evenings helped everyone to discover new things about each country and raise questions- what does it mean to be European?
Our training about Erasmus+ included an original game “Who wants to be a Millioner?- in Erasmus+”, which helped to promote the overall program ideas in a unique and competative manner. Overall- it was a very intense and fruitfull process. At the end everybody got back as much as they put in…All our goals were fulfilled.

As a result we created videos with stories, TED presentations as well we are showing you how to create story itself:

Media storytelling for youth workers [2016]

links to our videos

How to tell a story

How to be a good speaker

From zero to hero 12 steps

Mediastory_How to edit your story

TED story


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